Grow Your Business By Simply Offering FREE WiFi
Our New WiFi Router “Wavespot” will convert your in-store customers into fans, get them to share  your business with their friends and gives them incentives to come back.
And right now, you can get a 30 day risk free trial on an upgrade to all new clients, because we want prove to you how Wavespot can accelerate your marketing and bring you more customers
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No app required.   Just WiFi.
WAVESPOT offers free WiFi to your customers by having them log in with their social networks. You can then offer them coupons onsite, get shared on their social networks, and follow up
with them. Build up a loyal base of repeat customers with Wavespot.


1. Customers see YOUR BRANDED SPLASH PAGE to access your business WiFi

2. Your current customers access FREE WiFi by logging in with social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or simply with optional logins like an email address

Wavespot intelligently filters through customers to see who can generate the most repeat business

4. Your customers receive a personalized message based on the Wavespot filter every time they log in

5. Your customer's online friends get incentives to share your business using social media for better deals and rewards.

6. Your business gets more customers to visit your storefront.

Sstarting at a one-time purchase of $199 and $0/month for Basic service


Wavespot works well for many Industries            Get your FREE TRIAL TODAY See Here


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